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Comment From : Claire
●  I stayed 3 nights in the Backpack hostel and thanks to its owners and particularly Sajad, it was one of the highlights of our trip. The hostel is perfectly located and has a nice view on the square, plus the rooftop gives a sight of the whole city and its yellow buildings and roofs. Sajad and his friends are very welcoming and helped us a lot in our itinerary, they even thought us to play some games. Thanks to them we learnt a lot about Iran as we had interesting and deep conversations, during the evenings or when Sajad brought us to the desert or on the road to Shiraz. He is indeed a great guide as he knows a lot about Iran history and is curious and eager to learn about other cultures as well. We actually made a friend / some friends there so I highly recommend this warm and cool place, ideal to have a good taste and understanding of this great country.
Comment From : haruna
●  Me and my friend stayed 2 nights at Backpack hostel - it is a brand new hostel, right in the center, double rooms are small but have comfy beds and each room has its own bathroom - good deal for the price. The owners Sijad and Mohsen are very friendly and helpful with any questions. There is a big common area for hanging out with a wonderful view on the Amir Chakhmaq mosque and a cool rooftop to see the whole city. Sajid also arranged a nice tour to the mountains. We did not try any other hostels in Iran but this was a good option! Recommend to other guests.
Comment From : Francesco
●  There are a lot of good reasons to spent some days at the backpack hostel. Location: this is the very center of the city, closed to all the touristic attractions, form there you can easily walk to everywhere. Plus it is few steps from the best patisserie of the city :). Don't miss the rooftop, it is an important plus. Organization: the hostel itself is very well organized, you have very clean rooms and bathrooms (i had a room with the private bathroom), furnished kitchen available for guests, washing machine which I find a very important point. during my trip to Iran was the only place I have seen with a washing machine for guests. Price: best ratio ever price/quality Last but not least, Atmosphere: Here you feel with friends, the intelligent owner Sajjad is very easygoing and open-minded. Always smiling and in the good mood. ready to help you and solve any problem. He arranged me a tour trough the desert, don't hesitate to ask him about tours, he knows pretty good his city and his region, you can trust him 100% and don't miss to participate to his wonderful project of the clips....:))) brilliant idea If you are looking for a familiar hostel, clean, central with good price an wonderful atmosphere this is your place
Comment From : Hailyu
●  4 days ago, in a beautiful dusk time in Amir Chakhmaq Complex, someone call me from Balcony. That guy is Sajad, a professional and passionate tour guide. But at that moment, he stand on the balcony of his total new hostel. Still with some decoration and design job, welcome me, his first guest. And of course, I got a surprise price for comfortable single room. Then the second day, I joined his tour, also his first tour in his hometown, Yazd, with a couple from Australia and pick another Chinese girl on the half way. He is very professional in history and with a lot of jokes. The hotel is not the traditional ones with garden ,but from top roof can enjoy panarama view of Yaza mud brick town. room itself is nice, especially for comfortable bed and hot shower.
Comment From : Cindy (The Netherlands)
●  Yazd is an amazing city and if you want someone to show you around who knows about the city, the history and the culture and who has a good sense of humour, Sajad is your man. He will arrange your trips exactly to your liking and you are sure to have a great time. I have traveled around Iran a lot and every time I am in Yazd I use Sajad because he always makes a good price and I always have a great time. Good luck with your business Sjad, see you next time I am in Yazd :)
Comment From : Henry
●  Our trip with Sijad was a really good time. During the transportation, he told us many things about Iran, peoples, religion.... And he show us many interesting things. He was very nice and helpful. I recommend the place to everyone.
Comment From : Birgit
●  We have been touring with Sadji in November 2015 and enjoyed it A LOT! Best guide ever! He is very helpful, friendly and attentive. We learned a lot from him about many facts in Iran and had a wonderful time with him. Hope we can come back soon to tour with him again.
Comment From : Ning
●  Sajjad was the best guide ever! I had some of my best moments with him in the desert. Highly recommended.
Comment From : Enguerrand
●  I have spent 10 days with Sajjad in Iran and I can tell you that he is the perfect guide to make you discover his country and enjoy your trip !
Comment From : Zhang
●  The tour with Sajad was really satisfied. He chatted with us in the car and told us many things about history and the Persion nationality. And compared with other taxi drivers in Yazd, Sajad can speak English very well.

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