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We Sijad Tour are young passionate private driver guides in Yazd, Iran. We hold an official license issued by Iran Cultural Heritage Handicrafts and Tourism Organization (ICHTO). Sijad Tour has extensive experiences in the tourism and travel industry, also due to our profession which is adventure, hiking, cycling and desert tours our guides can arrange a wide variety of tours in Tehran, Kashan, Yazd, Isfahan, Kerman and Shiraz. There is a possibility of arranging a round trip around the country for all the cities as well.

AND NOW we are running our charming, brand new HOSTEL in Yazd, in the heart of the city. Our guides have the knowledge of the region and will make you feel that you have received the best value of your money, therefore we always strive to keep our standards high and prices fair.
Sijad Tour tries to do everything for the guests to enjoy every single moment of their holiday.

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Address: Amirchakhmaq square, Yazd, Iran
Phone: +98(0)35 36272458
Fax:+98(0)35 36272459
mobile: +98(0)9135205100

Email: info@yazdbackpacker.com

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