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Pick up service: In low season (JUN-AUG) (DEC-FEB)We also offer free pick up service to our guests( 9 am _9pm , arrangements must be made in advance)
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Travelling to Sistan and Baluchistan province in Iran close to Afghanistan and Pakistan border for those who wants to visit deserts, nature and Baluch culture, is absolutely possible. Crime rate in That area especially for tourists is very low because the Baluch love their guests especially if they come from different country. Iranian are so interested to know about the tourist's country and culture so come to Iran leaving aside all your preconceptions that are created by the western media.
Our Special offer tour to Sistan and Baluchestan
Day 1# leave Yazd to Kerman (370 Km) (O/N Kerman city).
(Tower of silence, Saryazd castle, Zein o din Caravanserai, Kerman)
Day 2# leave Kerman to Shahdad desert (200 Km) (O/N Shahdad desert)
(Kerman, Shahzade garden, Shahdad desert)
Day3# leave desert to Zahedan (550Km) (O/N Zahedan city)
(Bam castle)
Day4# leave Zahedan to Iranshahr(324Km) (O/N Iranshahr city)
(Zahedan city, Khash city)
Day5# leave Iranshahr to Chabahr (308Km) (O/N Chabahar city)
(Oman sea, Rocky village, Lipar Lagoon, Mangrove forest, the exotic pink lake, Mars or Martian mounts.)
Day 6 # flight to (Shiraz/Esfahan/Tehran/Mashahd) end of tour.

Yazd Desert Tour
Yazd Desert Tour
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